Television Station Themes

One of my more obscure interests. This page is currently a work in progress but aims to be a comprehensive and up-to-date list of station themes with links to recordings on Youtube. Some of the Youtube videos are mocks which mean that the graphics (and in some cases the voice-overs) may not be absolutely authentic, however the station theme used in the video is authentic to the best of my knowledge.


Independent Television

ABC (Yorkshire, Lancashire, Cheshire weekend 1956-1968; Midlands 1956-1968) :

Anglia (East of England 1959-):

Associated-Rediffusion / Rediffusion London (London weekdays 1955-1968):

ATV (Midlands weekdays 1956-1968; London weekends 1956-1968; Midlands 1968-1981):

Border (Far North of England, South Scotland 1961-):

Channel (Channel Islands 1962-):

  • Tomorrow The World, ???? (not certain)
  • World Power, Simon Haseley; Five by Five, Richard Hill (from 1969)

Channel Four (United Kingdom (Wales on digital only) 1982-):

Grampian (North Scotland 1961-):

  • Grampian March, ???? (not certain)
  • Lochlaggan, Muir Mathieson (until 1969)
  • Sounds On, Johnny Pearson (from 1969)

Granada (Yorkshire, Lancashire, Cheshire weekdays 1956-1968; North West England 1968-):

Harlech (Wales and the West of England 1968-):

London Weekend Television (London weekends 1968-):

Scottish (Central Scotland 1957-):

Southern (South and South East England 1958-1981):

Teledu Cymru (West and North Wales 1962-1964; Wales 1964-1968):

Thames (London weekdays 1968-1992):

TSW (South West England with Cornwall 1982-1992):

TVS (South and South East England 1982-1992):

TWW (South Wales and the West 1958-1968):

Tyne Tees (North East England 1959-):

Ulster (North of Ireland 1959-):

Westward (South West England with Cornwall 1961-1981):

Yorkshire (Yorkshire and Lincolnshire 1968-):