Tune of the month

Each month always seems to have one tune that sticks in my head more than any other. Here I try to figure out why.

October 2017

Hen Hanesion by OSHH. I’ve taken to listening to Radio Cymru a lot since I’ve moved here. And they’ve been playing this track to death.

September 2017

Dwi’n Amau Dim (I Don’t Doubt A Thing) by Celt. Now re-housed in supported housing. The move was painful but now it’s done I can’t remember when I last felt so optimistic. It’s so quiet here. (Apart from a fortnight of chaos where I wanted to go back where I came from)

August 2017

We Live So Fast by Heaven 17. Finally accepted for re-housing. “Please don’t ask me to stay. I’m leaving this town. Don’t worry now. Believe me as I believe that luck is on my side. The future is mine if I can find a way through these strange days of my life.”

July 2017

Overture to ‘Tommy’ arranged by Henry Mancini. First evening out in years. First signs of a social life of my own in the last 5 years.

June 2017

Midland Parade by Johnny Pearson. Starting social skills course and joining ASD social group. World opening up.

May 2017

I’m Still Standing by Elton John. Trying to keep cheerful on anniversary of separation. Autism diagnosis.

April 2017

The Only One I Know by The Charlatans. Going downhill as anniversary of separation approaches. “Everyone’s been burned before. Everybody knows the pain.”

March 2017

Odyssey by Rain featuring Stephanie de Sykes. Getting out and about. Exploring the mountains. Starting a photography course. Starting a video project which uses Odyssey as a soundtrack for video footage of the area. “Life is a beautiful book”

February 2017

Prelude for Orchestra ‘Granada’ by Sir William Walton arranged by Gilbert Vintner as ‘March for Concert Band’

January 2017

New Yorkshire Theme by Christopher Gunning