The waiting list that never ends

So near and yet so far. After all the delays in getting assessed for autism we were finally starting to make some progress. AQ and EQ questionnaires all done. The next few assessment appointments were meant to be about tying up loose ends, but the assessor has gone on unplanned leave yet again just before he transfers to another job, so it’s unlikely that he will clear up his caseload. Which means I will have to be completely reassessed by whoever takes over from him when they manage to fill the vacancy. 20 months since referral and still waiting. 20 months of blunders from the local autism service. The team leader that we spoke to is strongly encouraging us to make a formal complaint. We are far from being the only people who have been messed about by them it seems. He seems as frustrated with the situation as we are, but needs complaints in writing in order to get across to his bosses that the service is failing and desperately needs resources. Well, a written complaint will be on the way. This time I have had enough.