Remember, remember

Well it’s that time of year again when Brits pollute the atmosphere to the bemusement of most of our foreign visitors in a tradition that started with a sectarian ritual burning of an effigy of a Catholic. The neighbourhood is full of the noise of fireworks and the stench of burning wood pallets and burning tyres. Northern Ireland in a Loyalist neighbourhood on 11th July? Nope. Welcome to  “Great Britain” on November the 5th – 19th century stylee.

Meantime this recovering Catholic’s room isn’t filled with the odour of the local “bonfires”, but rather the very scent of Heaven itself – incense. Basilica to be exact. A fitting name to use to start this blog dontcha think? Windows open of course to avoid setting off the smoke alarm, but believe me the aroma is worth the noise of the fireworks.


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